Keeping updated with gaming news

With so many new releases scheduled, keeping up to date with all of the news and reviews that you need can be a daunting task. How is a dedicated controller jockey to ensure that they get up to the minute information on the games that interest them the most?gaming newsLuckily, there are several great gaming websites to help keep your fingers on the digital pulse and we’re going to discuss a couple of the best ones here.


With an estimated 20,500,000 visitors a month, IGN has the highest traffic of any game site on the web. It’s easy to see why. They provide visitors with news, reviews, walkthroughs and trailers for all the major formats, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest tv, movie and pop-culture news from around the world.The site offers a host of slick, well produced video reviews and in-depth interviews with developers to give gamers the inside scoop on life at their favourite software house.

The Escapist

The Escapist takes a more entertainment focused approach to videogames. One of the highlights of the site is Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation – A frenetic, breathless animated review of current (and occasionally classic retro) video games. Be warned though, it is definitely NSFW and you will need a liberal attitude to profanity to enjoy it to its fullest.If you enjoy Mystery Science Theatre style sarcastic commentary, you would do well to check out Unskippable which pokes fun at video games’ forced exposition.The Escapist also caters for fans of TV and movies, as well as more traditional table-top or card games and rounds off their offering with the latest new from the world of science and technology.The Escapist has several great web comics like Critical Miss which takes a sideways look at videogames and features a female games critic trying to cope with modern life.