Become a Video Game Blogger

Becoming a video game blogger is actually a lot easier than it probably sounds, especially if you’re happy with the amateur life.

There are dozens of websites that let you create your own blog for free. The best known of these include WordPress,, Weebly, and Blogger.

Having chosen a site host, a name, a theme, and all the rest, there’s nothing left but to begin creating content. Exactly how you go about that is entirely your choice. Some video game bloggers start out by writing reviews for games in their entirety. Others like to go through each game bit by bit to give their readers a feel for games as they develop. And more and more are starting to use YouTube to engage with audiences and share their real-time gaming experiences.

Joining an Established Site

Once you’ve got some experience under your belt, you may well decide you want to branch out a little and make a bigger name for yourself. There are plenty of gaming websites that accept applications for new writers. The vast majority don’t pay, especially at entry level. But if you just want to write about what you love, or share video content of yourself in action, joining another site is the next step in becoming a respected and well-known video game blogger.